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Laura Mercier Body Creme Sampler Review

Laura Mercier Souffle Body Creme Collection- £20 (Space NK Sale)

Laura Mercier is fast becoming one of my favourite beauty brands as all of the products I own by her are really high quality and feel super luxurious. During the Christmas Space NK sale I picked up a quad set of the body souffles (not that I need anymore moisturiser), as I thought this was a great way to try all of the scents before buying a full sized tub. 
The set comes with four 100g pots of Fresh Fig, Creme Brulee, Almond Coconut and  Ambre Vanille body cremes. 

The Fresh Fig scent is a really lovely light and summery smell- if you've tried their fig candle, it smells slightly different in that it has a bit more of a fresh, floral scent to it but still just as lovely. I imagine this will be my go to moisturiser is the summer as it reminds me of sunny picnics in the park. 

The Creme Brulee cream smells exactly how creme brulee tastes, so if you're not a fan of the desert it's probably safe to say that this scent isn't for you. I however love creme brulee and I find this scent perfect to use at night after a long relaxing bath. This scent was inspired by the smell of a french patisserie, so it has strong notes of caramel, spun sugar and French vanilla bean- the perfect sweet scent for a cosy night in.

Almond Coconut is almost perfect as a holiday scent as it contains lots of coconut notes, which bring back distant memories of sandy beaches and sun lotion. This souffle also packs in the strong scent of almond, milk, and vanilla, which adds in a bit of sweetness that leaves you smelling good enough to eat. 

Lastly and actually my favourite of the quad is the Ambre Vanille, this has a very perfume like scent to it but isn't too over powering due to the strong notes of vanilla. Due to its balance of perfume and sweet smells I really love this scent for both a day moisturiser or for a cosy, winter, movie night.

Overall, I'm really impressed by the Laura Mercier body creams, they have a lovely whipped like consistency to them, which means they're lovely to rub onto the skin and sink in almost straight away. All the creams contain skin nourishing ingredients and shea butter, which leave the skin silky smooth and moisturised. As with all Laura Mercier products the packing looks lovely and luxurious that would look perfect on any bedside table. I think the body cream quad sets are only sold around Christmas so unfortunately you may have to wait a while before you can get your hands on one but the full sized tubs are sold all year round. 

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