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Best Budget Bronzers

The past few months I’ve been on somewhat of a hunt for the best budget bronzer in the hope that there are good quality bronzers out there that don’t cost plus £20. On my hunt I came across the classic Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer (£6.99) and Rimmel Natural Bronzer (£5.99), which are two quite different bronzers in terms of the sun kissed colour they leave you with. I’d definitely say that the Bourjois bronzer is better for those with paler skin as it’s not too orangy and leaves the skin with a lovely bronzed glow. I found the Rimmel Sun Bronzer really quite orange toned and not as natural as the Bourjois one, however I think you can get lighter shades but they didn’t have any left when I bought mine. 
I tend to use my big Real Techniques Powder Brush and lightly dip it into the power so that there’s only a small amount of product on the brush then swoosh it around my cheeks and temples. I find this avoids too much of an orange look, but you do have to be careful not to overdo it. I think the Bourjois bronzer could double up as quite a good contour as it’s quite a flat tan colour with no shimmer in it so would create a really nice shadow in the hollows of your cheeks. Overall I’d have to say I prefer the Bourjois Natural Bronzer because you can build up to a nice sun kissed look. I would like the product to be a bit larger as I like to really swish my brush around the pan to get a good distribution of colour. Has this stopped me from longing after Nars Laguna? I don’t think so but it’s nice to have a cheap drug store back up.  

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  1. The Bourjois bronzer is wonderful and definitely one of my favorites together with the MUA £1 - an absolute bargain! :o) Xx

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