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Artistry Youth Xtend Review

I'm sure it's no surprise to you all that during the month of December we sleep less, drink more alcohol and eat a lot more food (chocolate) than we normally would. As a result of this we're left with dull, tired and lack luste skin in desperate need of some TLC. The best way to refresh and revitalize your skin during the winter months is to drink lots of water, eat your greens and invest in a good skincare routine to keep your dry skin at bay!

I've recently been trying out some products from the Artistry Youth Xtend range, which is a revolutionary skin care range that aims to reprogram the skins biological clock and repair the signs of aging skin whilst protecting it against negative environmental influences. All of the products from the Artistry Youth Xtend range contain a technology called LifeSirt, which is a Mediterranean botanical extract that helps to increase youth proteins leading to an extended lifespan of skin cells. As a result skin is left looking younger, more radiant and with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

The range consists of 7 products all aimed to leave skin moisturised, repaired and protected:

Now that the science part is over we can get onto the actual products! The Softening Lotion is designed to be used straight after cleansing to ensure all the product is removed- this prevents blocked pores and congestion on the skin, which can lead to break outs. Once your skin is clean from make-up and cleanser a small amount of the Serum is applied to inject a boost of concentrated Mediterranean goodness.

The Softening Lotion is lovely to apply as it's quite a thin, milky lotion so it doesn't feel like you're coating you skin in a thick product. This leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and free of product ready for the rest of your skin care routine. I then follow this with a pea sized amount of the serum firstly swiping it over my skin then pressing it in. The thing I love the most about this range is the sweet, fresh scent, which is really refreshing in the morning. Normally I would stay clear from scented products as they tend to break me out, however so far I haven't had any kind of reaction to this range.

Overall I've been pretty impressed with the Artistry Youth Xtend range. It is a little on the pricey side at around £50 per item but the products are all quite large bottles and pots. Plus, I tend to find the higher quality the ingredients the less product you actually used, which means they last much longer. 

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