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La Roche-Posey Cicaplast Baume B5 Review

As I've mentioned many times before I tend to have quite dry skin on my arms and shins and this gets particularly bad during this winter months. This year I thought I should seek out something to tackle my dry patches once and for all. After watching Lisa Eldridge's Beauty SOS video I finally decided to give Cicaplast Baume B5 from La Roche-Posey a go as I'd heard it does a similar job to Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream without the stickiness and smell. I've been using this lightweight balm for a few weeks now and I feel it's definitely helped put the moisture back in my skin as normally by November my skin is very itchy and dry. The cream is said to have triple action properties to help soothe, protect and repair dry, chapped and sensitive skin. Since using this product I've already recommended it to a friend with eczema as it's gentle enough for really sensitive an irritated skin. I tend to apply a good layer before I go to bed on areas that are really dry and let it naturally nourish my skin overnight. What I love most about this cream is that it is paraben free, lanolin free and non-scented so it's perfect for super sensitive skin, and it sinks in almost straight away. I bought the 100ml tube from Boots but if you're not sure whether you want to spent that much without trying it Feel Unique also sell smaller tubes for about £5.

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