9 September 2013

The Perfect Smokey Eye

I’m such a huge, huge fan of a smokey eye. In fact it’s probably the only thing I’ll do with my eyes when I make an extra effort. This is partly because I have blue eyes so the brown smokey look is the perfect complement and partly because I’m just drawn to brown, shimmery gold shadows. I have quite the collection of brown shadows however, they all require brushes to blend so I’ve been all over the recent releases of no fuss beauty budget paint pots and shadow chubby sticks. My favourite two fail safe products are definitely the Maybelline On and On Bronze Colour Tatoo paint pot and the Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick in Bad Bronze- predictable I know. I love them both on their own but mixed together they create the perfect bronzed goddess look. On and On Bronze is such a beautiful gold, shimmery bronze and it’s so, so easy to smudge all over the lid with your fingers for a either little bit of colour or built up for a more intense look. Similarly the Rimmel chubby stick can be smudged all over the lid or used close to the lash line and smudged out, just perfect.


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