12 September 2013

Paris Day 1

In an effort to make the most of the bank holiday weekend my boyfriend and I thought we should take a trip to Paris as I’ve never properly been and it’s a good opportunity for him to see one of his best friends who lives out there. We hoped on the Eurostar straight after work on Friday evening and arrived in Paris just in time for a late dinner. For our first day we woke up bright and early to fit in a full day of exploring, our first port of call was a walk to La Marais for some brunch in the sunshine. We then made our way towards the Notre Dame, which is such an incredibly, beautiful, detailed building. Once inside we sat for a good while admiring the level of intricate detail and huge stain glass window- I could have stayed there all day. I would love to go back there during a thunder storm as I think it would be such a magical experience. Next stop was the Pont des Arts to look at all the love padlocks then a wander around the Lourve. Thanks to the rain holding off we managed to cram in so much for one day without getting drenched. On our way home we stopped off at another cafĂ© for a meat board, naturally and orange juice. Later that evening we then headed out for dinner and drinks with one of T’s best friends from university. I absolutely adore Paris and would love to live there for a few months to learn the city and pick up the language again. One of the things I love the most about Paris is being able to see most of the sites in one day, as in cities like London and New York it’s not as easy to do because  you rely on the underground/subway/cabs. I felt like we must have walked around the whole of Paris at least 3 times but when there’s so much to see it would be silly not to.

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