25 September 2013

Bumble & bumble- Colour Minded Shampoo & Conditioner

When it comes to hair care that aims to make you colour last longer I’m very rarely impressed or even notice a difference in the longevity of my colour by many hair care brands, so when I finally found something that ticks both of these boxes I wanted to tell everyone I know- that’s when having a blog comes in handy! Colour Minded from Bumble & bumble* has been my new go to shampoo and conditioner when wanting to lock in my colour so that I can wait a little longer between hairdresser appointments.  The Colour Minded Shampoo and Conditioner are both sulphate free and aim to cleanse and clean your hair without stripping any of your colour or shine. The range contains an original colour preserving complex that prevents your colour from fading or washed out.

Similar to the Surf Foam Wash range I find that the Colour Minded gives my hair a good amount of volume and texture without weighing it down- you could say it’s a Surf Foam Wash version for coloured hair. The great thing I find about Bumble & bumble shampoos is although they’re quite pricey they foam up really well so you only need a small amount per wash so last quite a while and they smell pretty incredible too. I don't think I'll be able to afford these every time they run out but they're definitely worth a splurge every now and then as I really have noticed a difference when I use these compared to other high end shampoo's.


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