29 September 2013

The Sunday Post

This weekend was spent at home with my boyfriend, family and doggy all wrapped up watching TV and going for family walks. It's been a super quiet weekend but I love coming home to see my family and taking a break from the city. The mornings are definitely getting a little colder and foggier which is my favourite time to go for a country walk as the woodland feels really still and crisp. I need to try and sqeeuze in as many winter walks at home as I can this year as T and I are in Thailand for the whole of December and that will be a very different Winter that I'm used to!
I hope you had a lovely sleepy Sunday.

28 September 2013

This Works Deep Sleep

In the age of social media and having constant access to anything we like, I've been finding it increasingly difficult to switch off at night. I'm definitely guilty of turning my laptop off only to play on my phone for an hour and scientists say that before you go to bed at night you should have around an hours rest without looking at any form of electronic device like a phone or laptop. I find this an incredibly hard rule to stick to which is probably why I have such difficulty switching off at night. When my boyfriend and I were in Paris our room came with this little sample of This Works Sleep duo which I've since been using almost every night since coming home. It may be entirely physiological but I find the calming scents of lavender and eucalyptus incredibly soothing when trying to doze off and as a result I've found it much easier to switch off and have a great night’s sleep. I know that a number of companies produce these kind of sleep sprays and have whole ranges dedicated to helping you switch off so there has to be some truth to them! I would definitely like to purchase the full size of this when my mini's run out as I've really enjoyed using them and love the smell of lavender.


25 September 2013

Autumn Nails

As the days are getting shorter and we're moving further away from summer I thought I'd dig out some of my favourite Autumnal nail polishes that will be seeing my through the colder months. I really love dark berry and taupey nails to really finish off a winter outfit, I think they're the perfect accessory to any knit or scarf. For a dark vampy look I then to go for deep purples that look like black with a little something extra I think these kind of polishes are much more interesting than a full on black look. This purple taupe colour from Models Own is one of my favourite dark neutrals that I own and is perfect for Autumn. As we're approaching the season of glitter I thought I'd throw in one of my favourite subtle dark glitters from Ted Baker as this polish is great if you want a hint of sparkle without too much going on.

Bumble & bumble- Colour Minded Shampoo & Conditioner

When it comes to hair care that aims to make you colour last longer I’m very rarely impressed or even notice a difference in the longevity of my colour by many hair care brands, so when I finally found something that ticks both of these boxes I wanted to tell everyone I know- that’s when having a blog comes in handy! Colour Minded from Bumble & bumble* has been my new go to shampoo and conditioner when wanting to lock in my colour so that I can wait a little longer between hairdresser appointments.  The Colour Minded Shampoo and Conditioner are both sulphate free and aim to cleanse and clean your hair without stripping any of your colour or shine. The range contains an original colour preserving complex that prevents your colour from fading or washed out.

Similar to the Surf Foam Wash range I find that the Colour Minded gives my hair a good amount of volume and texture without weighing it down- you could say it’s a Surf Foam Wash version for coloured hair. The great thing I find about Bumble & bumble shampoos is although they’re quite pricey they foam up really well so you only need a small amount per wash so last quite a while and they smell pretty incredible too. I don't think I'll be able to afford these every time they run out but they're definitely worth a splurge every now and then as I really have noticed a difference when I use these compared to other high end shampoo's.


21 September 2013

Chanel Charme Lipstick

I have a new love in my life and it goes by the name of Coco Chanel. For me Chanel is as good as it gets when it comes to high end make-up. It’s the first make-up brand I remember from my childhood when I used to sneak smells of my mum’s perfume and I’ve always associated it with luxury from their packaging to the quality of their products. I recently had a splurge in Selfridges and bought the prettiest pink lipstick I’ve ever seen. Charme is a really pretty natural pink with very subtle blue undertones with a silver micro-shimmer which results in a light frosted finish. Because the finish is quite opaque it gives a beautiful subtle look that is perfect for every day.  

Charme is part of the Rouge Coco range which claims to be hydrating with a collection or wearable shade with full coverage finishes.I haven’t particularly noticed a huge difference in terms of hydration but I absolutely adore the finish and colour so it gets a big thumbs up from me .


19 September 2013

Street Feast Dalston Yard

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to the last weekend of Street Feast in Dalston Yard as I’d heard that the portions were huge and they had a really good selection of meat! As soon as we arrived I was instantly drawn to the incredible cupcake section, which could easily rival Hummingbird Bakery. However, I was good and didn’t buy one until I’d had a grown up lunch. Our first stop was the bar for a few cheeky cocktails- I had the aspinal fizz and T tried one of their spicy bloody Mary’s. For food we both headed straight to the jerk chicken stall, I had the Homemade Jerk Chicken Wrap, which was so delicious- the chicken was perfectly tender and there was just enough spice without being too hot. T had the Homemade Jerk Pork Sausages, which I’m told was lovely but my boyfriend has a hard time sharing food sometimes- his, not mine. I’ve been told that the pulled pork is pretty amazing too, which looked like a huge bun piled high with tender pork. On our way out I caved and grabbed a cupcake for the road, I opted for a honeycomb caramel one layered with swirls of buttercream- Mmmm. Even though this was the last weekend Street Feast was based in Dalston I believe they are relocating later this year and Street Food Europe is moving in to allow customers to experience street food from all over the world.

18 September 2013

Current Gift With Purchases

There are some seriously amazing gift with purchases flying around at the moment and I'm really trying to tell my self that I don't need any more beauty products until I've used up what I've got. However, when Liberty and Space NK are offering up two insane GWP's I'm finding it really hard not to fall into their stores. 

All customers who spend £150 will receive this incredible gift worth well over £300, and these aren't just ity-bitty products that you might kind of want, these are products that are on all beauty junkies wishlists. 

Likewise if you spend £150 in Space NK you will receive another amazing gift with purchase at the National Event.

I think by blogging about this it's making me think that other people will spend just as much as me and that it's all ok...


Cheeky by Cowshed

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Superdrug press day to take a sneak peak at some of their exciting launches for AW13. One of the new releases coming exclusive to Superdrug will be a new brand called Cheeky, which is the naughty little sister of Cowshed. This brand is aimed at a slightly younger age range with it’s fun yet simple packaging and purse friendly price tags. The range consists of a number of products including hair care, body care and cosmetics, but the product I’m most excited about is their nail varnishes. There are a total of 21 shades soon to be released and they are all marketed at a bargain of £7! I really love the packaging of the polishes as I think they look quite high end. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the Minted shade and absolutely love it; it’s quite rare that I will wear the same nail polish for two applications but I’m just really loving it. The brushes are quite wide and flat which makes for a super quick and neat application, even for the kack handed and they seem to last pretty well too.

Along with their launch in Superdrug later this year they are also opening a salon in Shoreditch where you can treat yourself to a manicure for £12 which includes the polish!! I’ve also seen on twitter that if you book a cowshed manicure at Shoreditch House you can receive a complementary glass of presecco and a Cowshed Shopper for you and a friend with the code #FashionableCow!
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