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YSL Forever Light Creator Serum Review

I've recently had the pleasure of trying out the new YSL Forever light creator skintone corrector serum from their new collection, which aims to brighten dull skin through light-creating vitamins. 
The serum claims to tackle the 3 main causes of a dull complexion: surface shadows, lack of transparency and colour disorders. The serum uses a new Glycanactif WT complex which helps to correct the appearance of uneven skin tone by actively working on dark spots, translucency, uniformity and radiance.

I've found since I've been using a good skin care routine the appearance of my overall complexion is so much better than it used to be. Even though I don't really have any areas of concern at the moment I have still really enjoyed using this product as a skin brightener before applying my make-up and I have definitely felt it's given me a nice glow. 

Overall I really like the feel of this serum and I like that it almost adds a little shimmer to the skin which I haven't found in any other serums I've tried. 

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