13 August 2013

Primark Haul

I've been picking up quite a few bits from Primark at the moment as they have some real gem's in (no pun intended). I really love the cami's which are almost identical as the Topshop ones except these are £5 instead of £18! I also think they have some amazing statement necklaces in for a fraction of the price that you would see anywhere else. The trick with places like Primark is you always have to think 'would I buy this if it were in Topshop or Zara' as it's so easy to get carried away because it's cheap. If the answer is 'yes' then you've bagged yourself a real bargain! 


  1. Ah I love a good Primark haul, they are my favourite so I know what to watch out for! I'm absolutely loving that cami and jacket, and the black strappy sandals! Definitely going to have a look for those :)

    Hannah x

    1. I love seeing hauls too they always show you the best bits. Primark is so good at the moment you should definitely take a trip :)



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