15 August 2013

How to Relax- Pamper night

Living in London means that you’re constantly on and doing things and with the age of social media we’re constantly being bombarded with information. I therefore like to have night/day a week where I completely unwind and gear up for the rest of the week. I normally pick Monday evenings as the first early morning after a hectic weekend is always a struggle. Since being with my boyfriend I think I’m getting a little bit better at relaxing and staying in a bit more as when you’re single the last thing you want to do on a Saturday night is stay in on your own. For my quiet time I normally like to take the time to have a proper pamper session with some of my favourite products and watch a classic film like or Bridget Jones’ Diary or TV series like Sex and the City, Mad Men, or Homeland.

I think the best thing to get you in the mood for a pamper night is a nice hot bath, however, as I’m so much more of a shower girl than a bath girl a need a really nice bath oil to mke me completely relaxed and in the mood. One of my favourite bath oils for pamper nights is the Neom Tranquillity bath and shower oil with English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. This is the perfect scent you make you completely relaxed and sleepy it also leaves you skin really silky and smooth afterwards. I tend not to have candles whilst I have a bath so that I don’t have too many different scents going on but I’ve just seen that Neom also do a tranquillity candle which would be lovely if you can’t get your hands on the bath oil. 

Once I’m nice and relaxed I’ll head into the bedroom and light a few candles to make the room all cosy. One of my favourite candles for a pamper night is the Laura Mercier Fig candle - it’s such a lovely luxurious fresh fig scent which is so strongly scented that even when unlit it still gives the room a beautiful smell.

Now onto pampering face products- it’s on my quiet nights where I like to use a face mask. Depending on how my skin is feelings I like to use the Kiehls algae face masque  which is perfect for dry, sensitive skin or the Keihls overnight biological peel. I’ve also heard that the Origins drink me up overnight intensive mask is also a good’un too.  Next up, if I haven’t used an overnight mask I’ll take the time to properly remove any remnants off my skin and apply a serum. For this I like to either use the Keihls Midnightrecovery serum as it has a lovely calming scent or the Estee Lauder advanced night repair.

Once that’s sinked I then apply a good thick layer of my trusty Ponds cold cream, which always does the trick. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to eye creams, as I’ve only just started using them I’m not sure what properties I should be looking for other than one that doesn’t dry out the area. So recently I’ve been using the Vitamin E radiance eye cream   and this seems to work just fine.

I'd love to hear about your pamper nights- what products you use and how you relax. 

*Images taken from Pinterest


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