31 August 2013

Autumn Inspired Wishlist

As Autumn is just around the corner I think it's time I should invest in some fall pieces- I'm obsessed with knit wear of any kind and I'm pretty sure I already have a jumper like this but I feel you can never have enough warm clothes. I saw this green faced Micheal Kors watch in Stylist this week and didn't realise it was actually for men, but I love it anyway and think it would look great with a big knit. I'm officially on the hunt for a straight, black leather skirt, I think this Topshop one is a little pricey but it's the only one I can seem to find that I love. The make-up bits aren't Autumnal per-say but I love a nice red lip when it starts getting colder and really like the new YSL collection. I've had my eye on this bronzer for a while. I love Zara shoes, I feel like they get it right every season and they're always so affordable.   

29 August 2013

Zara Black Peony- Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb Dupe

If you’re a fan of the Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb but not the steep price tag then I have a very attractive purse friendly alternative for you- the Zara Black Peony perfume. This is an almost identically smelling dupe for Flowerbomb as they have the same notes of freesia and vanilla. The only difference in smell is Flowerbomb has a slightly stronger scent which probably means it doesn’t last as long- other than that they’re very similar, admittedly the Flowerbomb bottle is prettier but with a price difference of around £40-£50 I know which one I prefer. I find this is such an easy to wear pretty scent that I feel can be worn both day time and evening, which is something your rarely find in a perfume. I believe this is the new bottle as the last one used to be circuluar and as it was a gift from my lovey friend Tara I’m not entirely sure if it’s available in all Zara stores but it’s definitely available online.


23 August 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser


When I first saw the new Vaseline Spray and Go moisturisers it’s fair to say that I got a little excited. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate moisturising, I hate waiting around before I can get dressed, so anything that can ease this process is worth a try in my books. I think what I was expecting from this product was being able to spray a light layer and leave it to sink in to the skin without the need of rubbing in. Instead the only process it eliminates is the actual application as you still need to rub the product in. Admittedly I do find it much easier and quicker to use a spray than squeeze it out of a tube.
Now on to the actual product- I’ve been really impressed with how smooth the spray has left my skin, I almost expected this to be a bit gimmicky and not work as well as a normal moisturiser. It also sinks into the skin pretty quickly, which is a huge plus for me. I do enjoy using this however I think I still prefer the Nivea in shower moisturiser for speediness. There are three different scents to try the Cocao-Radiant, Aloe Fresh, and a Vanilla one. I think next time I’ll try the Aloe Fresh one and I find the Cocoa-Radiant scent a little too much – if anyone can remember the little squidgy bath melts you used to get in Boots it smells exactly like that! It also has a similarity to the Dream Cream from Lush, which I know lots of people love.


19 August 2013

GIVEAWAY: Anna Sui Sunglasses and Perfume- Now Closed


So the lovely PR ladies at Anna Sui have given me a pair of Sunglasses and a full sized bottle of their new Le Vile De Boheme perfume for a fantastic giveaway for all my lovely readers!

Le Vile De Boheme is a beautiful fragrance inspired by the creativity of bohemian life, which is Anna's own life ethos. The fragrance opens with a burst of Turkish Rose and Sparkling Pear, combined with rich burgundy berries and Dragronfruit accord. At the heart, notes of peony are juxtaposed against musk, black vanilla and sandalwood to deliver a playful, yet 
deeply mysterious fragrance.
The perfume launches one the 1st September and is exclusive to Debenhams. 

Along with the lovely perfume the winner will also receive these elegant Anna Sui sunglasses- and lets face it a girl can never have enough sunglasses!

To enter

1) Simply answer the question in the comments with your e-mail:
Where have you been on your holiday this year 

2) Follow this blog on Bloglovin

3)  For an extra entry follow me on Twitter and tweet me with the hashtag #AnnaSuiGiveaway so I can see you've entered :) 

You can enter as many times as you like so good Luck!

Terms & Conditions:
This competition is unfortunately only open the UK readers (sorry) and closes midnight 27th August- The winner will be chosen completely at random and notified via twitter or e-mail.


Redemption Bar Review- Healthy Sunday's

As we’re coming to the end of Summer it’s easy to slip back into old habits and forget about healthy eating. Most restaurants these days don’t really cater to healthy eating and I think there's a huge niche in the market for alcohol free bars that are fun to meet friends at without having to drink.
Redemption are a new pop-up bar movement created by ex Virgin brand director Catherine Salway that focuses on super healthy food and delicious alcohol free cocktails. For the past 5 Sunday’s they have been based in Netil House at Bethnal Green but are now making a move to the opposite side of London to Notting Hill where they will set up permanent residency, running 7 days a week.
Myself and my friend Tara popped along on their final Saturday to sample some of their food and drink and to see if it filled the much needed healthy eatery hole in our lives.

After being greeted by the uber friendly staff we were told to pick a bean bag and soak in the atmosphere whilst we waited for our menus. Redemption is the perfect Sunday hangout as it has an incredibly relaxed vibe and wonderfully attentive staff.

Redemption have a zero waste policy- all of their food is naturally sourced, their plates are made from banana leaves and their glasses recycled. 

We started with some mocktails, I tried the blueberry coco-tini , which contained cocnut water so incredibly hydrating and and Tara had the pomms. These were seriously delicious, fresh cocktails, it's just a shame that they're so small. 

For our mains I ordered the Tokyo Salad, which was a beautifully presented dish of healthy brown rice, avocado, cucumber, radish, pea shoots and hijiki seaweed with citrus miso dressing topped with a pretty little flower. This is a dish I could eat everyday for lunch, it was deliciously filling and satisfying. 

Tara went for the Taquito, which was two tortillas filled with spicy black beans, guacamole, and sour cream with shredded red caggage and tomato salsa. Again this was lovely but I preferred my dish as I felt it was a little more interesting and different to anything I've order in other restaurants. 

Next we moved onto desert, which in my opinion was the best part of the meal. We had an antioxidant cacao indulgence, which was an incredible walnut and medjool date cacoa truffle cake served with a superberry compote. This was out of this world, I'm not normally a massive sweet person as I'm left felt sicky and bloated but this blew my socks off- it was deliciously rich whilst not being overpowering. I'd go back just for this.

We also ordered the English Summer Cheesecake, which again was superbly rich without being sickly. 10/10 for deserts. 

To finish our lovely meal I ordered another blueberry coco-tini and inspired by my last mocktail Tara tried a cherry coco-tini, which wasn't as good as mine. 

I really think Catherine Salway has hit the nail on the head here- a perfect sleepy Sunday concept with incredible healthy food whipped up by the talented head chef Jayne Totty and mocktails made by the friendly bar staff.  
Redemption will be opening their permanent residency on the 8th September at Goldfinger Factor, Ladbroke Grove so keep on eye out as you'll definitely want to pencil a Sunday visit in!
And if you can't wait that long they also have a stall at Notting Hill Carnival this weekend!


18 August 2013

Currently Lusting

Le Weekend de Chanel

I absolutely love these Kurt Geiger boots I really don't own any shoes like this and think they'll be great for A/W13. I think the Miss Guided playsuit is so cute whilst also being grown up, which is quite hard to find in a playsuit. Again I've added the Aspinal of London Molly satchel as I'm still obsessed with it. Since having my Nails Inc manicure with their new emerald green I've become a huge fan of this colour so thought the already glittered one would be easier than the individual potted glitter. And finally the new moisturiser from Chanel. there are 3 moisturisers that come in this new range one for morning, evening and weekend, which is mild exfoliator. 


15 August 2013

How to Relax- Pamper night

Living in London means that you’re constantly on and doing things and with the age of social media we’re constantly being bombarded with information. I therefore like to have night/day a week where I completely unwind and gear up for the rest of the week. I normally pick Monday evenings as the first early morning after a hectic weekend is always a struggle. Since being with my boyfriend I think I’m getting a little bit better at relaxing and staying in a bit more as when you’re single the last thing you want to do on a Saturday night is stay in on your own. For my quiet time I normally like to take the time to have a proper pamper session with some of my favourite products and watch a classic film like or Bridget Jones’ Diary or TV series like Sex and the City, Mad Men, or Homeland.

I think the best thing to get you in the mood for a pamper night is a nice hot bath, however, as I’m so much more of a shower girl than a bath girl a need a really nice bath oil to mke me completely relaxed and in the mood. One of my favourite bath oils for pamper nights is the Neom Tranquillity bath and shower oil with English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. This is the perfect scent you make you completely relaxed and sleepy it also leaves you skin really silky and smooth afterwards. I tend not to have candles whilst I have a bath so that I don’t have too many different scents going on but I’ve just seen that Neom also do a tranquillity candle which would be lovely if you can’t get your hands on the bath oil. 

Once I’m nice and relaxed I’ll head into the bedroom and light a few candles to make the room all cosy. One of my favourite candles for a pamper night is the Laura Mercier Fig candle - it’s such a lovely luxurious fresh fig scent which is so strongly scented that even when unlit it still gives the room a beautiful smell.

Now onto pampering face products- it’s on my quiet nights where I like to use a face mask. Depending on how my skin is feelings I like to use the Kiehls algae face masque  which is perfect for dry, sensitive skin or the Keihls overnight biological peel. I’ve also heard that the Origins drink me up overnight intensive mask is also a good’un too.  Next up, if I haven’t used an overnight mask I’ll take the time to properly remove any remnants off my skin and apply a serum. For this I like to either use the Keihls Midnightrecovery serum as it has a lovely calming scent or the Estee Lauder advanced night repair.

Once that’s sinked I then apply a good thick layer of my trusty Ponds cold cream, which always does the trick. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to eye creams, as I’ve only just started using them I’m not sure what properties I should be looking for other than one that doesn’t dry out the area. So recently I’ve been using the Vitamin E radiance eye cream   and this seems to work just fine.

I'd love to hear about your pamper nights- what products you use and how you relax. 

*Images taken from Pinterest


13 August 2013

Primark Haul

I've been picking up quite a few bits from Primark at the moment as they have some real gem's in (no pun intended). I really love the cami's which are almost identical as the Topshop ones except these are £5 instead of £18! I also think they have some amazing statement necklaces in for a fraction of the price that you would see anywhere else. The trick with places like Primark is you always have to think 'would I buy this if it were in Topshop or Zara' as it's so easy to get carried away because it's cheap. If the answer is 'yes' then you've bagged yourself a real bargain! 

12 August 2013

Nivea In Shower Moisturiser

Having used this Nivea in shower moisturiser for a good month now I can officially say I love it. I really hate moisturising in the morning- I often forget to do it as I'm normally in a rush to get ready and hate being sticky before I leave the house. I have really dry skin on my arms and legs and this has completely cleared up any dry patches. I tend to use this towards the end of my shower- I apply it, step away from the shower for a few minutes then rinse. This is such a budget buy at around only £2 in Superdrug at the moment and lasts a while as you only need a small amount for a large area. 

11 August 2013

Maybelline- Mint For Life

Mint for Life is one of the shades from the new Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days collection- both the formula and brush from this polish are excellent. The colour is a perfect mint/Tiffany blue colour and an excellent dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple for a fraction of the price at only £4!

I then added a coat of Barry M's Diamond Glitter for a bit of extra sparkle. 


9 August 2013

Homeslice Review

Last week my boyfriend and I went to try Homeslice, a new Pizza restaurant in Covent Garden. It’s situated in Neal’s Yard, the cute, colourful little hideaway just off Seven Dials. 

Homeslice serve thin crust wood fired pizza’s either by the slice or a full sized 20” with a small selection but interesting toppings. Naturally we opted for the 20” with one half mushroom, ricotta and pumpkin seed and the other half corn, chorizo and coriander. Other interesting choices were ox tail, horseradish and cream and bone marrow, watercress and spring onion. I don’t think either of us realised how big a 20” pizza was until it arrived. 

The wine is served in huge magnums and you only pay for the amount that you’ve drunk- if you’re halfway between glasses they will generously charge you for the lesser.

These pizzas are excellent quality, from the thought that goes into the different toppings to the crispy thin-ness of the base. The staff are uber friendly and very accommodating. I think word of this fun little place may be spreading around London so be prepared for a short wait- especially if it’s a Friday or Saturday.
We ended the evening by walking down towards the strand for Frozen Yoghurt and a stroll along Waterloo bridge. Even after living in London for 3 years I still absolutely love the view you get from this bridge- it’s one of my favourite parts of London.


8 August 2013

The Improve Rooms- Sure Compressed

Last night I attended an event for the launch of Sure’s new compressed deodorant where they had teamed up with the industry’s hottest talent to unveil The Improve Rooms.  
This was a wonderful opportunity to have one to one sessions with experts in Fashion, Beauty, Nutrition, Careers and Photography. The event took place in a beautiful Georgian townhouse situation in Fitzroy Square where I was free to meander from room to room chatting to the experts. My first point of call was the cocktail bar where the lovely bar staff were whipping up wonderful concoctions- I opted for the Candyfloss Martini which was very fun to watch them make. 

I then headed over to the kitchen to chat to the lovely Madeleine Shaw about her secrets on eating and living well. She said that eating well is a lifestyle choice and not just a quick fix- the best thing you can do for your diet is to buy whole foods, organic produce and cut out sugar. She also divulged her number one beauty tip of using coconut oil for a moisturiser, make-up remover and hair mask- this has been added to my Whole Food’s shopping list. We then got to sample some delicious good for you strawberry smoothies  and nutritious sweet treats.  

I then made my way up the beautiful staircase to find the wonderfully talented, celebrity stylist Grace Woodward, offering up her advice in fashion and styling. I think this may have been my favourite part of the evening as Grace is such an easy person to talk to and made me feel instantly comfortable. We sat and chatted fashion and styling and she told me how the shade for Autumn will be different shades of pinks from light dusty pinks all the way to dark almost plum shades. She also said that heavy men’s tailoring will be the go to style for A/W13- ‘If you’re going to try your hand at heavy tailoring then I would almost suggest that you just buy a men’s jacket’.
She gave great advice on how you can completely update your wardrobe throughout the seasons by simply adding 5 key pieces- ‘by investing in 5 key pieces you can get the most out of your wardrobe without having to shop constantly’. For the 5 key pieces Grace suggested investing in textured pieces , new shapes and a great coat.

The main thing I took away from my talk with Grace was to buy a good A/W coat as this will be one of your staple items that can instantly update your look. We agreed that bright coloured coats are the way to go this season to instantly perk yourself up and others around you. It was an absolute pleasure to have a one to one season with Grace and I wish her all the best in the remainder of her pregnancy.  

Towards the end of the evening I finally made my way over to talk the Research and Developer behind the new compressed Sure deodorant. The main reason I don’t use spray deodorant is I travel around quite a lot and don’t like carrying around huge spray cans- I guess I’m probably their target audience. You’d be mistaken in thinking that because of the smaller size you’d end up with less product but that’s not the case, the developers have simply removed a percentage of the gas but kept the same amount of product. This means it will last just as long as a full sized product- I’m definitely a fan as it means I can fit one in my handbag when I’m out and about.

I think The Improve Rooms are such a great concept and if you get a chance to attend any I’d definitely recommend even if you only get chance to chat to one of the experts. 

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