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Wishbone Review

On Saturday my boyfriend and I finally went to Wishbone in Brixton. It's been on my to-do for months and I've been told by so many friends how amazing it is so I had high hopes for this little fried chicken shop.
It's a fast-food joint placed in the middle of the buzzing Brixton Market (which I've raved about before)and normally has quite the queue but I think we went at the right time.

Before getting stuck in we cooled off with a coke and iced strawberry daiquiri. 

We thought we'd share so that we could try a little bit of everything.

We chose the beautifully cooked sticky buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce and carrot and pickled celery.

Salt and pepper fried thighs with tangy Asian mayo. This is essentially a 10x better version of KFC's popcorn chicken and probably a little bit better for you- it is still fried chicken though. These beauties disappeared very quickly.

A big pot of peppery slaw, which T quickly polished off.

A huge packet of real American skinny fries for only £2.50! 

And then a portion of deep fried mac 'n' cheese- these were something else. I didn't think I could love mac 'n' cheese anymore than I already do until I tried them deep fried...

Oh wow.

My only suggestion would be that they needed a little more seasoning but when you add a dollop of the marinated sauce it's perfect.

We both agreed that we loved every part of this meal and would definitely return. We actually preferred Wishbone to the Rum Kitchen for both the value for money and food.
I'm fast becoming a huge fan of these low key little places in Brixton, you're always guaranteed a fun buzzy night. 

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  1. That looks delicious! yummi!

  2. Ok, now I'm hungry! ahaah
    Loved your blog, and your pics!! First time visiting and I am already "addicted" eheh

    With love, from Portugal, Bárbara

    1. Thank you lovely, that's very kind.
      My blog makes me very hungry too! xx