17 July 2013

Santorini- Oia

After spending quite a lot of time in Fira, we decided that we should explore Oia on the other side of the island for a different kind of evening. 
The receptionist at our hotel told us that this is the place to go and watch the sunset as you get an amazing view from the very tip of the island. 

We decided to do a bit of exploring before going for dinner and found so many beautiful buildings on our travels. I felt like the blue and white of the buildings was so much whiter than in Fira and it just felt a little more Greek. I absolutely love Fira because I feel like there's such a buzz and fun atmosphere but Oia is definitely the more scenic and more chilled out part of the island. 

After walking around in the crazy heat for a while we finally found a restaurant with a free table by ocean and sat down for dinner. 

Once again I opted for seafood with the smoked salmon and caviar tagliatelle, which was delicious. 

We sipped our cocktails whilst watching the sun go down behind the ocean. I still cannot get over how beautiful this island is. 
I felt like everywhere I looked I was in owe of the buildings and scenery and I've already told almost everyone I know that they must visit Santorini at some point! 
If I wasn't a fan of Greece before, I am now.

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