16 July 2013

Santorini- Fira

Before we went away we were told by a number of different people that if we were going to go anywhere in Santorini we must go to Franco's Bar. It's situated at the top of Fira and overlooks the whole of the island and volcano. 

We sat mesmerized by the view sipping cocktails with opera music in the background. It was like something from an old Greek film.
Franco's is a very popular spot for the sunset and I can totally see why.
Who wouldn't want to watch the sunset sipping cocktails with dramatic opera music in the background?!

After Franco's we headed to Argo for dinner. It's rated as the 3rd best place to eat in Santorini. We definitely agreed as we went back again on our fourth evening. 

Ever since booking this trip all I could think about was a big plate of seafood and cold, crisp white wine. It was essentially all I ate for the entire trip. I'm not really a big fan being able to see the face of what you're eating but for some reason eating a whole fish like this made it feel all the more traditional. 

I also had a huge craving for ice cream - all the time! We stopped off at the Haagen Dazs shop for a ridiculously naughty and unnecessary sundae, which made up both feel incredibly sick. 
Definitely worth it though.  



  1. I need to go to Santorini! Everyone is raving about it this year! The food looks so lush! x

    1. It was quite literally the most beautiful place I've ever been. I've been telling everyone that they must go! xx


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