12 June 2013

Kiehls Algae Face Masque

I love evenings where you can sit in your onesie, watch rubbish reality TV, paint yours nails and slather yourself in a really good face mask. For nights like these I use the Kiehls Algae Face Masque as it completely re hydrates my dry and sensitive skin without causing any sign of redness or a break out.
The mask claims to soothe, nourish and balance your skin by using rich algae nutrients, green tea, chamomile and calendula. I slather a good layer all over my face and a little on my neck and then leave it for about 30 minutes to an hour. It doesn’t actually tell you how long you’re meant to leave it on for which suggests that it could be a 10 minute masque to one that you leave on all night. However, the product has quite a luxurious feel to it as it’s quite thick and almost gel like so I’m not sure if it would be a good masque to sleep in.
I use a Muslim cloth to clean my face afterwards as I find this is the best way to remove all the product leaving me with beautifully smooth, soft skin without a hint of redness. Although this is a little pricey at £23.50 I would rather pay more and know I'm not going to have any kind of reaction, plus you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. 


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