29 June 2013

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms

Last week T and I went for a little mid-week dinner at Chiswell Street Dining Rooms
T's been here a few times and always talks about how amazing the food and service are, so I thought I needed to try it out for myself. As the restaurant is part of the Montcalm Hotel there's always a collection glamorous of people waiting at the bar in their evening dresses and 3 piece suits, which gives the bar a really different feel from any other city watering hole. 

Whilst our table was prepared we sat at the bar people watching for a little while with a big cold glasseof wine and beer.
I love the different group dynamics you see in the city, there's always a mix of bankers having meetings, old well dressed men and groups of power women.  

We nibbled on bread and sipped our drinks whilst we perused the menu.

To start with I had the Evesham asparagus, truffled Jersey Royal potato salad, poached egg, and caviar dressing. 
I can't really say this blew me away, I felt like it was a little bland and missing flavor but it was a nice light starter. 
However, it was nothing compared to T's choice...

T had the whipped cerney ash goat's cheese, heritage beetroot, hazelnut dressing, and sage crisps salad. 
This is quite possibly the best salad I've ever had, it had so much going on but all worked beautifully. 
I was extremely jealous of T's choice and will definitely be having this the next time we go! 

It almost looks too good to eat. 10/10 for presentation skills.

For our mains we both had the 45 day aged Cumbrian rare breed rib-eye steak with bearnaise sauce and hand cut chips, which is swapped to skinny fries. 
This again was beautifully done, the aged flavor of the steak went perfectly with the glossy BBQ sauce and I used to bearnaise sauce to dip my chips in to. 

Throughout the entire meal we were so impressed with the level of service from the staff. They were attentive without being too intrusive and offered their opinions when needed. 
It was truly the best service I've ever had. 
At the end of the meal when we couldn't fit another bite in, our lovely waiter, Ricardo brought over two small complimentary pieces of deliciously rich Petit Fours.
It was the perfect end to the perfect meal. 

I really couldn't rave about this place enough, it's actually T's favourite restaurant in London, which is quite a bold statement as we tend to eat out a lot. With all the quirky, pop-up places in London these days it's easy to forget the value of truly great service and the difference it makes to your overall experience. 

If I haven't enticed you here already, there's also an amazing deal on Toptable at the moment that offers 3 courses for £21!!
Need a say anymore. 

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