20 June 2013

Callooh Callay

Last night a uni friend and I went for a much needed catch up in Shoreditch. I let Theo pick the bar and he did well, we headed to Callooh Callay for a few post work cocktails. The bar is hidden on a little cobbled side street just off Old Street and only identifiable by a squiggled red neon sign above the door.

It’s a cute quirky little bar with seats made out of bathtubs, a large portrait of a fine looking gentlemen and a wooden wardrobe at the back of the bar which opens up leading to their hidden upstairs bar, which changes every 6 weeks. Their toilets are pretty cool too, covered entirely with old mix tapes!


Theo and I sat in the main bar downstairs and perused the High School yearbook menu. Each cocktail had a little year book photo next to it, which is actually quite distracting when trying to pick your drink.

To start with I went for the Ohh La La a fruity little vodka and prosecco combo, and Theo opted for the Storm in a Thai Cup described to us a ‘curry in a glass’.

We then moved onto a Nettle Down, which I much preferred to Ohh La La as it wasn’t as it didn’t have as much bite to it and a Belle Epoque for the gentlemen.

After discussing old uni times, immigrating to Australia, other halves and places to go in London we decided to retire for the evening. I’m liking Shoreditch more and more these days, and as I’m moving out of my flat soon I’m seriously considering relocating to this quirky little area.


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