24 June 2013

Royal Ascot 2013 Highlights

This Saturday my friends and I attended Royal Ascot to wear big silly hats and bet on horses. 
As I said in my last post, I have no clue about betting and tend to just pick what ever name takes my fancy. 
The first horse I picked wasn't running, which was just my luck. Then after losing on two horses I sort of lost interest in betting and forgot that was the main reason people were there. 
I decided to take my attention to drinking Pimm's and gossiping- typical. 

After some drinking and gossiping we made our way down to watch the Royal Procession where I got super, duper close to The Queen.
I absolutely love having a Royal Family, I think it brings the entire nation together and gives us all a bit of British pride.
I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Royal baby as it will prompt so many patriotic parties and events, reminding us all how amazing the Royal Wedding was all over again.

Although I didn't win any money that's never the reason I go to Ascot so I wasn't too disheartened. The way I see it is you go to get dressed up and have a nice day out with your friends and if you manage to win anything then it's a bonus. 
If you went to any of the race days I hope you were a little luckier than I was. 


23 June 2013

Festival Fever

We are well and truly in festival season now, especially with Glastonbury kicking off this week, so here are a couple of my festival outfits to give you some inspiration. 
I've been an avid festival go-er since around 16 and absolutely love them- I love the feeling the music gives you as you first walk into the arenas and the little festival bubble that you live in for the weekend.
If you're camping, I find it's good to take clothes which can make up a number of different outfits so that you can save packing space for food etc.

Even when the weather is beautiful, if you're camping over you will still need to remember to take super warm clothes for night time as it gets freezing- I normally take leggings, big socks and a huge jumper. 
I'll probably do another post for festival beauty bits too as you normally only take a limited amount of hair and make-up products so it's good to know which ones work best.  


21 June 2013

Appropriately Ascot

As Royal Ascot is well and truly upon us, I thought I would do a little post about appropriate outfits for the races as I will be attending with a group of friends tomorrow. Ascot is a is a little different to other racing events in that they have set rules for each section, which must be followed to allowed entry.

Royal Enclosure: For ladies a modest length dress must be worn, defined as just above the knee or longer, no thin spaghetti straps, and a hat or head piece with a large base must be worn- no fascinators are allowed in Royal Enclosure.
For Gentlemen: Black or grey morning suit, a waistcoat or tie, a black or grey top hat and black shoes.

Grandstand: Ladies: A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times, a modest dress- strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops are not allowed.
Gentlemen: suit, shirt and tie.

Silver Ring and Health: No formal dress applies in the Silver Ring and Health Enclosure, however you are encouraged to dress smartly.

However, no matter how many rules the put in place there are always people who turn up with enormous novelty hats and garish dresses, which I’m not complaining about as I seeing how much effort some people go to.

Once you’ve sorted your tickets and picked an outfit it’s time to try and win some money (and drink champagne). My friends and I generally don’t have betting technique what so ever, we tend to pick which ever name we like the best, which I think sometimes works better anyway.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow, I’ll let you know how I get on!


20 June 2013

Callooh Callay

Last night a uni friend and I went for a much needed catch up in Shoreditch. I let Theo pick the bar and he did well, we headed to Callooh Callay for a few post work cocktails. The bar is hidden on a little cobbled side street just off Old Street and only identifiable by a squiggled red neon sign above the door.

It’s a cute quirky little bar with seats made out of bathtubs, a large portrait of a fine looking gentlemen and a wooden wardrobe at the back of the bar which opens up leading to their hidden upstairs bar, which changes every 6 weeks. Their toilets are pretty cool too, covered entirely with old mix tapes!


Theo and I sat in the main bar downstairs and perused the High School yearbook menu. Each cocktail had a little year book photo next to it, which is actually quite distracting when trying to pick your drink.

To start with I went for the Ohh La La a fruity little vodka and prosecco combo, and Theo opted for the Storm in a Thai Cup described to us a ‘curry in a glass’.

We then moved onto a Nettle Down, which I much preferred to Ohh La La as it wasn’t as it didn’t have as much bite to it and a Belle Epoque for the gentlemen.

After discussing old uni times, immigrating to Australia, other halves and places to go in London we decided to retire for the evening. I’m liking Shoreditch more and more these days, and as I’m moving out of my flat soon I’m seriously considering relocating to this quirky little area.


17 June 2013

The Rum Kitchen- Review

The Rum Kitchen is a Caribbean inspired beach shack restaurant perfectly placed in the middle of Notting Hill.
Given away by it's name, The Rum Kitchen has a beautifully lite cellar home to over 100 different types of rum. 
But they don't just do good cocktails, they also do finger lickin' good chicken too!

For my first cocktail I ordered the strange fruit, which was punchy little sweet cocktail.

To start with we ordered a large portion of their chicken wings, and my god were they good. They were perfectly tender and sticky with a punch of spicyness from the dip.

We also ordered the saltfish fritters, which were just as delicious- I probably would have been happy to have these as my main too.

For my second cocktail I went for the Rattle Skull Punch, and I'm not sure if I liked this more than the first one purely for the rustic mug it came in.

For my main I order the jerk chicken burger with sweet potato fries and slaw. This was seriously good . I went to Bodeans last weekend and this burger beat theirs hands down and 10 times over. T ate his main too quickly for me to photograph but he had the supreme chicken, which I don't think was a good as my burger and his fries didn't look as good as mine either. 

After another round of cocktails we made our way home extremely full and in a rum daze. 
If you fancy having an upmarket jerk chicken experience I'd highly recommend paying their uber friendly staff a little visit. 

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