1 May 2013

Wright Brothers Oyster Bar Review

I've never tried oysters before, but I've always been intruiged about the hype because as far as I was concerned, how could something be so good if you simply swallowed it?!
How wrong I was.
Wright brothers was my first experience of an oyster bar, at first I was nervous to try this squishy, fleghm looking mess but my good friend assured me that they were devious so I caved in and gave them a go.
To start with, we order two different kinds, one from the UK which were a little sweet and one from Ireland. As instructed I squeezed lemon all over them and added a little ginger then took the plunge. I was more than pleasantly surprised.
They weren't too fishy, the texture didn't make me want to heave and overall, they we lovely! I was hooked with the first one, with lemon they're we're the perfect combination of salt and zest. We ordered an extra 3 of the sweet ones as I enjoyed the so much. It's far to say I'm definitely a convert.

To follow I was a little less adventurous and had smoked salmon with capers, J had the fish soup. For our main we both opted for the cod with crispy pancetta and creamed leek. Every single course exceeded my expectation, absolutely outstanding.

Instead of desert we opted some cocktails, I had the peach smash which was lovely and J firstly had the 3 gin martini which he really didnt like as it was very lavender tasting and quite potent, but the helpful staff switched this with a vodka Marino without any additional charge.

Overall this is probably the best meal I've had in a while, I'm definitely bringing my boyfriend back here as he hasn't tried oysters either! I don't know what we've been doing with our lives!!
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