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London Rugby 7's

Out of all the sports I think rugby is my favourite, it’s pretty simple to understand and it’s played by real men who don’t dive on the floor every 5 minutes pretending they’re hurt. Every year for London Rugby 7’s,  Marriott set a fancy theme and we organise a big group to head down to Twickenham all dressed up for a fun filled day of rugby and debauchery. This year’s theme was Safari so we thought long and hard about what we would dress up as and picked Zebras (along with everyone else), other people went as penguins, park rangers, and dinosaurs, because y’know of all those dinosaurs that live in the wild??

A big group of us met at our friends house in Clapham Junction for mimosas, breakfast and face painting before making our way to the very busy train station. I felt sorry for the normal people trying to get a train and If you didn’t know about the Rugby 7’s you’d be very confused as to why everyone was dressed as animals at 11am on a Saturday.

As so many people go to the 7’s it seems like most of the day is spend walking between gates trying to find people, so we probably didn’t actually see that much rugby. You could quite easily go the full day and not watch any of the rugby and there’s a little area outside the stadium that has a DJ stand and bars where we tend to head later on in the afternoon. This is where I bumped into the beautiful Rosie from The Londoner and a new elephant friend. We found some more friends and danced the afternoon away until we were all tired little animals and headed back to London. When I got home I was greeted by my lovely boyfriend with lots of sushi, the perfect end to a great day

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