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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a beautifully, grand royal palace in Richmond upon Thames that has been passed through generations upon generations of the royal family including Henry VIII. Each owner of the palace enlarged or restored it in some way giving it a distinct contrasting architectural style of both Tudor and Baroque. We spent a large part of the day walking around the grounds of the palace as it covers such an enormous area of over 300 acres.

The palace itself is so beautifully kept and the sheer size and detail is quite overwhelming. We began by making our way up the beautiful stair well with the most incredible memorial painted on the walls and ceiling. I’m always so amazed at the level of detail that you see on palaces and museums and wonder how on earth they achieved it with the building resources they would have had in the 1500’s!

As well as the palace there are also a huge gardens and a maze to work your way around, and if you’re feeling lazy you can jump on the horse and carriage tour of the grounds.

Look how fun this guy is, I would happily dress like this every day.

If you live in London or are visiting for a week I'd make a real effort to visit the palace, on a sunny day it's so beautiful and really worth the trip.

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