16 April 2013

The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef is a home party based company that sells kitchen essential tools and cookbooks to you and your friends in the comfort of your own home.
It’s basically a Tupperware party with a lot more products and you get to try the products before you buy them, and they cook for you!

If you are hosting the party you decide what you would like to eat for the evening and  buy all the ingredients then a consultant will come round to your house, prepare the food in front of you and demonstrate you how to use a number of their products. So essentially you get your dinner cooked for you whilst you shop, what more could you want?!
We had curry and rice for the main and profiteroles oozing with fresh whipped cream for dessert. The cream was hand whipped using their specially designed balloon whisk in approximately 3 seconds, it was amazing.

After the demonstration there’s a chance to win prizes through asking the host questions and a raffle. I thought this was a brilliant idea to keep people engaged after they’ve had a fair few glasses of wine. I won a very handy Pampered Chef canvas bag, which I've used a lot.

Our wonderful host for the evening was Emily and she did an excellent job of both cooking and selling the products. My boyfriend and I (mainly me) were completely sold on the stone baked casserole dishes as I think they’re so handy to have and they’ll last forever. Apparently stone based equipment cooks your food much more evenly than metal or glass as it allows the air to circulate. These are really useful for curries and bolognese and you just throw everything in uncooked and it cooks it all for you.
Then as we were drunk (that’s how they get you) we also purchased an oven glove to get a free gift of a completely over the top glass cleaning brush. In hindsight we did not need this, but I got carried away.

I had so much fun at this party and think it’s a great idea if you have friends who need kitchenware and you want a cheap night out with lots of food and wine. I’d say the prices are pretty similar to Lakeland so a little bit pricey but definitely worth it. When my friends start buying houses I really want to host one of these parties as I think they’re brilliant, plus the host gets lots of perks include free products, half-price and discounted products, 10% off for a year and free shipping, which is worth it in itself even if you want to buy a few things.


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