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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

I’m here to see the Mayor.
Last night my housemate and I went to the worst kept secret, ‘secret’ speakeasy bar in London- The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town.
This has been on my list of places to go for a very long time, but I’d never quite gotten round to going. So in aid of S's birthday, I thought I would take her on a little secret cocktail date.
The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is located below the Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane in Spitalfields. You basically walk in and tell the waitress that you’re there to see the Mayor and if there’s not a queue you’ll be taken to a huge 1950’s style SMEG fridge. However, this is not a fridge, this is a secret door that leads to an entirely different underground bar…  A secret bar (that everyone in London knows about).

The underground bar has completely different feel to it compared to the breakfast club, it’s dark, dingy, and decorated with random cat ornaments and a ‘No Heavy Petting’ sign, which was ironically placed above two people who seemed to be getting very close. I loved the contrast between the two bars, I thought it was very cleverly done.

To start with, we both had a Raspberry Mojito with some warm pitta bread, hummus, feta and olives.

We then went on to try the Mai Tai’s  whilst we tried to spot all the odd inanimate objects dotted around the bar, my favourite was this guy.
He kept us company for the evening.

We then moved on to two Kirk Royale’s, and then two more Mai Tai’s along with some delish Chips and Mac and Cheese.

There is also a list of larger meals to choose from if you fancy something more substantial to soak up the cocktails.  

After sampling most of the cocktail menu we left feeling truly  satisfied and all gossiped out.
I would definitely recommend the Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town, I love the idea that it’s (kind of) a secret and underground bar. It definitely makes a nice change from our usual local Soho bars.

Now I’ve got a taste for these secret speakeasy bars I definitely want to try more, I will be keeping my eyes and ears peeled.
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