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Lush Honey Bee

I rarely have baths. Actually, I never have baths and I've never used a bath bomb before as I had very sensitive skin when I was younger so I tend to stay clear from anything like this. However, lately I've really fancied having a nice, relaxing, hot bubble bath. So when I was shopping in Chester on Saturday my Mum and I made a quick trip to Lush so I could buy a big bath bomb and smell all their scrummy products.
As I have dry skin I wanted something that would be super moisturizing, so they very helpful lady at Lush suggested I either get Honey Bee which contains honey and aloe vera or Butterball which contains coco butter. I opted for Honey Bee as it smelt good enough to eat (and looked prettier).

Now as I've never used a bath bomb before I didn't really know what to expect, I kind of thought it would create bubbles as well as fizz but it didn't create any bubbles, it just kind of stained the water. It actually looked like I'd had a little accident in the bath. The smell was lovely though and my skin did feel quite silky afterwards but it didn't really satisfy my need for bubbles so I think I need to try one of their bubble bars.
I guess this means I'll need to go back to Lush, what a shame...

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