4 March 2013

Sushi Samba- Review

On Thursday my Boyfriend and I when to Sushi Samba in Liverpool Street for some drinks before dinner. I love Sushi Samba, both the view and cocktails are amazing. I’d go as far as saying that it’s probably got the best panoramic view in London. I honestly do not know why people pay to go up the Shard when you can go to Sushi Samba for free and have yummy cocktails, with a much better view! 

As the sunsets over London the whole city lights up in the most beautiful orange glow, and being on the 38th floor you can pretty much see all of the main landmarks. 

I had a Shiso Fine, which was scrummy and T had a beer (because he’s a man!).

Even though you can't really see St Pauls properly in the pictures, it is my favourite part of the view as the lights make it completely stands out from everything else.

How could you not love this city?

If you're wanting to go you do need to get there early to get a good seat/position by the window as it does fill up quickly. We normally try and go straight from work and never have a problem finding a good spot. We've never actually had sushi there ironically, as we always have separate dinner plans, but I've heard it’s ‘the best sushi in London’. I think the view definitely helps with this recommendation though.


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