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Snowy Spring In Cheshire

 This weekend I went back to my parents house in Cheshire for my Birthday part 2. Yet again, I was very spoilt and loved every minute of it. After all, Birthdays only come around once a year.
As the weather man has decided that we're not having Spring this year everything was covered in snow. Even though I'm so bored of being cold, I must admit seeing the Cheshire fields covered in snow was beautiful.

After walking around for a while we finally began to warm up (slightly) so went to a little cafe for smoothies and sandwiches. I couldn't leave Chester before popping into Jack Wills, it just wouldn't be right. Although maybe it was a bad idea as now I have my beady eye on their lovely little tweed jackets.  

The next day the snow had finally started to melt and you'd be fooled into thinking that it wasn't that cold, but it was! Having a dog means that you can't jut hibernate when it's cold, you need to go outside and brave the cold. So we wrapped up warm and took Flossy on a walk around the farmers fields.

'C'mon lazy bones, it's time to take me for a walk'

I really love coming home, it's such a contrast the busy hustle and bustle of London. It's the perfect rest bite and I'm always home sick for a good few days when I return as you're never too old for you Mummy and Daddy :)

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