5 March 2013

My Weekend #4

This weekend began with lots of dancing with the Girls Aloud Tour at the O2. I feel like Girls Aloud are one of those bands that you don’t realise how much you like them until you think about all the songs they’ve had.
Then you realise that actually, they’re amazing and you love them!
I knew they would put on a good show as I’ve heard they always have amazing, cabaret style costumes, and they didn’t disappoint.

They begin the show by suddenly appearing on a podium hovering above the stage, with the words ‘Girls Aloud’ written in huge lights. 
We danced the whole night away to their classics and some of their new songs.
The man next to us was dancing so much that he needed to move the row below for more space.
It was probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to- however, I don’t think it would be anything compared to BeyoncĂ©, which you had to be some kind of internet Ninja to get tickets for.

The rest of the weekend was filled with celebrations for one of my best friend’s Birthday's. Some of our Uni friends were down for the weekend, so we began with a long lunch and cocktails at Bank in Clapham Junction. It was such a beautiful day, I really love London in the sun, I feel like everyone is instantly happier.

After getting ourselves ready,(which is not an easy task when six girls are getting ready in two bedrooms), it was time for cake and bubbles. 
We sang Happy Birthday and then headed out to boogie.

As we all live in ‘sauf’ London, we decided to go to Electric in Brixton, which is a good mix of a bar and club.
I love birthdays as it's always a good chance to catch up with friends that you don’t always get to see.

The next day, I was feeling the full effects of the night before so needed some serious comfort food. T and I went for a scrummy roast in Kennington, which just topped off my weekend nicely.


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