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Kew Gardens

Yesterday felt like the first day that Spring had finally raised its pretty little head.
When the sun was out it was almost warm well, definitely warmer than it has been.
Tristan and I decided we would go to the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens for the day as neither of us had been before and I absolutely love flowers. I think that stands for most girls though.
I didn't actually know that Kew Gardens was a place in West London, but it's so pretty with cute little flower shops and lovely town houses.

Kew Gardens is 121 acres of beautiful gardens, botanical greenhouses and of course, Kew Palace. You could quite easily spend a full day here getting completely lost, which we definitely did. 

My favourite part was the huge Palm house , which was filled with hundreds of different exotic palms from around the globe.
It really is something. 

There's also a walk way around the top of the glasshouse where you can look down from the tops of the trees, amazing but quite scary. 

I love Daisy's they're such a happy little flower, along with peonies these are my favourite flower.

Kew Gardens would definitely be better to visit in the summer as our cold weather really hasn't helped all of the flowers to bud. There were a fair few naked patches here and there, but hundreds of beautiful daffodils and tropical plants to see so I'd still recommend going.

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