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Borough Market

Yesterday we went for a little trip to Borough Market by London Bridge to buy lots of goodies for our supper.
I love the multitude of smells that you're presented with from all over the world as you work you way through the vast under cover market.

I never eat lunch before going as there's so many different foods to sample and so many stalls to buy the most amazing produce from. 

The thing I love about Borough Market the most is that you can try something new every time you go and there really is something for everyone. Normally I can never resist the big hearty farmers beef burgers with a big slab of Stilton and relish, but I had to be good and work up an appetite.  

We spent an afternoon rummaging around all the stalls of vegetables, cheeeeeses, meats, wines and sweets before finally commiting to our purchases. 

This is the stall where Tristan bought my beautiful birthday flowers :)

After truly exhausting the market we made our way back to the flat to make a huge roast and very naughty but delicious cheese board.

The perfect Saturday night in.

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