20 March 2013


My birthday weekend was so amazing, it was filled with friends, presents, cocktails and dancing- the best kind of weekend if you ask me.
Festivities started on Friday with drinks in Soho with uni friends, work friends, London friends, and my boyfriend. There seemed to be a constant supply of wine and cocktails which is exactly how you should celebrate your birthday. Birthday’s always make me realise how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life (soppy I know).

On Saturday day I went to meet my housemate and her sister to go to the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Brothers studio!! This was such a geeky day but I loved every minute of it! Even if you’re not the biggest Harry Potter fan I would still recommend you go as the sets are spectacular. Some parts of the tour were a little overwhelming due to the amount of work and detail that had gone into them. Like Diagon Alley for example-  you felt like you were literally walking into one of the films, it was just amazing.

Something you must try if you go is the Butterbeer as the only other place in the world you can get this is in Florida. We tried to figure out what was in this bizarre concoction as the foam/frothy part at the top kept fermenting like a slugy pond that you would see in something like Shrek. It tasted a little bit like cream soda but in cream form- who knows what it actually was!  

After Harry Potter I return back to Tristan’s where he surprised me with so many presents, flowers and champagne- it was slightly overwhelming. After lots of unwrapping and drinking we headed out for cocktails at St Pauls.

I think the Sushi Samba view may have some serious competition with the amazing view from Madison’s cocktail bar and restaurant. We stayed here for a good while sipping on cocktails and admiring the view.

To my surprise, my lovely housemate had been very sneaky and had pre-ordered cocktails to be sent over to our table, and they were delicious. I have no idea what it was but she chose very well. I imagine choosing a cocktail for someone else is quite tricky.  

It was soon time for us to dodge the rain and head down for dinner at Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant, Barbocoa.

After a very busy weekend, Sunday was spend watching films and only braving to rain to have a delicious roast. 

It’s safe to say that I have been very spoilt this birthday and the bar has now been set very high! As my family live up North I get to have a second birthday this weekend with them, which means even more presents and food!!


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