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My Weekend #2

This weekend was a bit of a hectic one filled with reunions with University friends, a lot of food (as always), plenty of wine and lots of dancing. I started my weekend on Friday night in B-Soho, with huge pizza's, wine and lots of gossiping. 

After demolishing 3 huge pizza's and two bottles of wine we then headed to meet some more friends at the re-opening of Bar Soho. I've been going to Bar Soho for a few years now, as I find it's always a really fun and easy place to meet friends after work. I loved their new refurbishment, which had a hint of gothic-ness to it.... and their cocktails weren't bad either :)

Feeling slightly hungover on Saturday, my housemate and I headed for a lovely, civilized Tea for Two afternoon at the Courthouse Hotel (shown above at night). It was such a lovely afternoon filled with champagne, cakes, finger sandwiches and tea. 

On Saturday night, I went out for a friends birthday around Covent Garden, and this was the  only photo I managed to take as there was lots of dancing. 

Be aware of people around- in a bar?! Never!

On Sunday, my Boyfriend and I decided to try Burger and Lobster as it's been on my list of 'Places to eat' for a while now. He had the burger and I had the lobster, then we shared. I found this place had such a fun buzz about it, almost like an American diner.  There are no menus, you either have a burger (which are huge), lobster, or a cold lobster sandwich with fries and salad. Yummy. 

We then headed for a little stroll around the V&A then headed back home to make vegetable noodle soup. A lovely Sunday all in all. 

I know it's no longer the weekend, but I went to Tayyabs tonight in East London and really wanted to write about it. I'd heard so much hype about this place but it really was amazing. I love Indian food, and this really was excellent. Especially the lamb chops in the meat grill. I would highly recommend this place however, you need to get here early as I've heard the queues get a bit ridiculous.  

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