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This month’s GlossyBox had a Valentine’s Day theme for both the pretty box design and the products inside, which included a little red heart shaped lollypop! The Anatomicals shower gel smells lovely of roses, I’ve used this a few times and I really quite like it. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the lipstick colour as it has a glittery tint to it which I don’t really think matches the colour. I haven’t tried the mineral eye shadow yet, but I always wear browns as I have blue eyes, so I’m sure I’ll use this. I really don’t like the he Fat Cat mascara as I like that have both volume and length and this mascara doesn’t really do either, and is more of a charcoal colour rather than black. I like the Sassoon shine spray as it’s a handy size to carry around and it smells nice too. Overall, this month’s box is okay, I haven’t been blown away with any of the products and probably wouldn’t choose purchase any of them myself but it’s always good to try different things.

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