Receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers is incredibly romantic. I just love having flowers in the flat I think they can completely transform a whole room and there are so many different ways you can display them...

I love the idea of using an old perfume bottle to use as a old Chanel perfume bottle would of course be my preferred bottle (in the hope that some of the beautiful scent still remains).

A mix match of various bottles gives a cute and quirky look. 

Glass jars are perfect if you want to achieve an Autumn, rustic look, these could be decorated with pretty little bows (see what I did there??)

Or quite simply, a pretty glass vase will always do the trick.

Fake flowers is glass jars: If you can't always have fresh flowers, I also think this is a great idea. Simply fill different sized glasses up with distilled water and place plastic and silk flowers in them. They look great and are really easy to make! 


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