20 September 2012

Fall Fashion

It's back to school season, and that means one thing... time to start wrapping up and stock up on those autumn/fall essentials. 
As we say goodbye to the last few days of summer we say hello to the beginning of those cosy, wintery nights curled up by the fire with a hot cup of coco and socks chunky and fluffy enough to curl up and hibernate in. 
However, we can't sleep the whole of autumn, we will need to brave the cold at some point. So, to keep you nice an toasty as the winter winds approach, I have put together a little list of those fall essentials.  

As we're not quite into winter yet we don't need to invest in a big furry coat to see us through those snowy months. However, we will need a lovely trench to keep those early winter winds at bay.

Burberry- Mid length sateen trench coat, £795

LK Bennett- Trench double breasted coat, £245

Topshop- Belted trench coat, £99

And if you want to veer away from the traditional beige trench, then may I suggest this elegant beauty from coast, which I fell instantly in love with.

Coast- Shona trench coat, £250

What about those snuggly knits to go under your trench, or to pull over a little cute dress and tights?

American Apparel -£57
ASOS- £30
Jack Wills- £69.50
Barbour- £79.95 
Mango- £29.99
Uniqlo- £79.90

Now, you'll need some booties to protect those little toes from the wind and rain. I think they are the perfect fall footwear, they're so versatile and can be worn both day and night, with either jeans or a dress. So here are a few of my favourites, and they don't all break the bank...

LK Bennett- £275
Zara- £69.99

Kurt Geiger- £150
Mango- £79.99

Topshop- £45

And for when it gets extra cold:

Zara- £69.99

My perfect autumn bag:

Zara- £129
Zara- £79.99

These bags really are brilliant, they come in a variety of colours, they're huge so you really can fit everything and the kitchen sink in there and they now come with stud's on! What's not to love?!


19 September 2012

Glam Cardigan

The cardigan is the go to fashion staple for woman of all ages, the one dependable item of clothing which can be worn with anything. It can be simply thrown on whilst running errands or worn over a beautiful gown as seen at Oscar de la Renta.

So why not glam up your cardigan? If you don't have a ball gown to hand all you need is a sparkly brooch to transform an ordinary cardigan into a chic wrap sweater. This is so easy and looks great, just take one side of your cardigan and pull it to the other side securing it with a brooch. 

It's that simple. 
Here's one of my favourite affordable broochesbut I think some of the best unique gems can be found hidden away in little antique shops in the likes of Portobello Road, so get searching!


18 September 2012

Instagram update

A magical day at Hampton Court Palace

Chop house- Tower Bridge 

The Anchor and Hope- Southwark 

A lovely stroll around...

Drinkie poo's at...

Cocktails in Soho

Rooftop lunch in Brighton


London 2012- The Greatest Show on Earth

Now I'm very much aware that London 2012 is over and done with, but I'm still not quite ready to let go of the buzz and excitement that the Olympics caused. London was quite literally buzzing and people in the streets were smiling to each other, yes, that's right, smiling! It truly was a very proud moment for Great Britain and I supported Team GB all the way, so much so that I even went to the Paralympics Opening Ceremony. This was one of the greatest displays I've ever seen, the lights, the atmosphere and fireworks were simply spectacular, so here are some of my favourite pictures from the stadium. 

Now, how long do I have to wait until I can apply for Rio 2016 tickets...



Pinterest might well be the best thing ever invented for the internet. I'm a little obsessed with it.
If you don't know what it is, it's basically a virtual space to keep all the cool/pretty/cute pictures that you stumble upon whilst surfing the internet, so you don't forget them the minute you close the page. And my favourite part about Pinterest? Well that's easy, it's that you can place every pin in a different folder, keeping everything super organised. For the minor OCD folks like me, this is simply a dream come true! 
The way Pinterest works is you follow certain people or boards and if you see a pin you like, you simply repin it into one of your boards. There's also an everything tab, which is basically a board full of well, everything, so you will never get bored. 
So before I start rambling, here are some of my folders which make my Pinterest my favourite space on the web. 


Dream Home: 




Pretty wedding ideas: 


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